Sunday, 22 March 2009

Welcome to Hasta La Vegan


Originally this was going to be a website to host a cooking show I started working on. Unfortunately, although we managed to film the first episode the friend who helped me set up and come up with the idea is far too busy and unreliable. It was unlikely to get anywhere anytime soon so for now I’m going to focus mainly on recipes. I apologise to all the people who signed up and were promised a show over a year ago, I feel terrible that it didn’t work out as planned. I’m hoping that in the future I can get some kind of show together, so fingers crossed on that one! Please let me know if this interests you, a good kick up the bum will probably get me to move a bit faster...

I guess I should start by introducing myself. Most of the important information about me is on my profile here and I’ll probably end up repeating myself but this will include photos!

I’m currently a student, finishing my second year of Film Studies and Screen Practice at Roehampton University. I share a room with two adopted guinea pigs, Terk and Tantor who are probably the best room mates I’ve had and will ever have. Yes, sometimes they smell like hay and wheek for hours on end, but I’m sure I’m the noisiest out of the three of us.

Here's a few photos of the little rascals

This is Tantor, he's the moody one. But when he's being a bully it's pretty funny

This is Terk, she's the ultimate cute

I spend far too much time in my room, playing with the interwebs or with my videogames. At the moment I’m obsessed with FMyLife. What can I say? Other peoples humiliation makes me feel better. I love my uni course and I love living in London, sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be in such a vegan friendly place. I’ve spent a lot of time reading up on Animal Rights and have just got to the point where I feel like I should be getting out there and doing something about it, so expect posts on any events I might attend or set up. I’ve just got back from the Brighton Vegan Fayre so I’m sure I’ll be reviewing that in the next few days and the weekend before that I helped a friend with a vegan bake sale. It was pretty successful for our first attempt and we made just under £100 for the charity of her choice.

This is looking far too long for an introductory post so I’ll wrap things up. I hope you enjoy the blog, any feedback or questions are welcome. I also apologise in advance for any photos I take, I’ve only just got a new camera so I’m still practicing on getting nice shots.


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