Saturday, 21 November 2009

Anyone want a free Graze box?

These boxes are ace. You order them online, pick what foods you'd like to try, choose what day you want to receive it and it comes along in the post to your house or where you work. I've had four of these now and they're a lot of fun. I've used them as snacks throughout the week or as lunches when I'm too busy to make my own and want something a bit healthier.

To make sure I got a vegan box I had to go through all the products and bin everything with yogurt or honey on it, but there weren't many products with it in so it wasn't too much bother.

They have stuff from fresh fruit, olives, nuts, seed mixes to Japanese rice crackers. There is a fair amount of packaging but it's all recyclable.

Anyway, here is the link if you would like to order a free box. It gets me £1 off too, which is always nice. If I remember correctly it will try to make you order 2 boxes (one of which will be free) but you can always push back the second or just cancel it.

Clicky clicky:

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Quick Update on my lack of...updates..

I've wanted to post some recipes recently but life has suddenly got ridiculously busy with weddings (..resulting in me getting bitten by a horse >_<), lots of university deadlines, filming extra projects outside of my course and me attempting to cling onto my sanity and allow myself a smidgen of a social life outside all of this.

The good news is that on the rare occasion that I've had time to cook a proper meal I have been taking photos so when all of this work is over I will have lots of things to share. I'm going to be realistic and say that I hope I'll be back early December for Christmas updates. I'm planning to make Christmas gifts so expect a post or two on that, and of course vegan Christmas food!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've never known life could be this busy XD