Friday, 23 March 2012

Easter Noms

I've come across some nice little Easter bits over the last few weeks and thought I'd share them with you. Please excuse the crappy photos, I took them in my dark and cluttered room.

Aldi are doing some very cute Easter bunnies, sort of like the gold Lindt bunnies but a) tastier b) cuter and more importantly c) cheaper. They're so freaking cute. I love the little bows they have tied around their necks, their smiley faces and most importantly how they wobble about on the conveyor belt at the checkout. I also lined them up on my bookcase and they're like an army of pure chocolatey EVIL. Very intimidating.

Careful when picking these out though, the packaging between the dark and the milk (non vegan) chocolate bunnies is quite similar. They're a slightly darker colour and do have dark written on them so it's not too hard. They also seem to be selling more dark than the milk ones at my local store as I'm always having to rummage through the cases to find the ones I want. Aldi did similar reindeer at Christmas and they were just as adorable. The chocolate is really good too, it's not as bitter as you would expect it to be. Very nice, and at 99p very reasonable.

Another surprise from Aldi were these plain chocolate marzipan filled eggs. Only 69p! I've not tried one yet but to be honest what's not to love? Chocolate = win and marzipan = win so by my amazing mathematical skills that = double win.

And finally, something I didn't buy from Aldi, Choices white chocolate easter egg with white choc buttons. This was a bit more pricey. I found it in my local Sainsbury's, in the free from section for £2.29. It is VERY small but it is quite sickly chocolate, very sweet. I'm never too sure about vegan white chocolate, it can taste a bit oily to me. It's pretty good but I think I'd rather pay an extra pound and get their plain chocolate egg with the delicious caramel chocolates.

Got to say, I'm very impressed with Aldi. They do some other amazing vegan chocolate in there which I'll have to blog about soon. I'm pretty excited for the Easter holiday's this year, not for the boring, crappy religious reasons, but because there's no need for me to feel left out when it comes to the chocolate binge. Compared to the last few years there seems to be a lot of vegan options available at all kinds of prices. I don't think my parents have any excuse to not get me some chocolate this year.

Do you hear that LaVegan's??? I want a vegan chocolate egg dammit!

Bring me chocolate!

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